Welcome to Minding My pH, an Alkaline Lifestyle Lounge!

Welcome to Minding My pH, an Alkaline Lifestyle Lounge!

For some dozen years now, I have been sharing the benefits of alkaline optimization and tips both on a Facebook page called "Alkaline Us" and also for the last seven years with locals in my immediate community at my juice bar. I am not a doctor or scientist, but a regular person like you, but I have been blessed to help many people to optimize their healing processes along the way. I do not consider myself a healer. I help you to ignite your own healing process. 

I should have known by my own initial resistance to the concept that sharing information about the importance of our managing our daily pH would be met with resistance! Indeed many people have come around over the years after seeing friends, family members improve their health and wellbeing with this shift or once they or someone they love had tried everything else with conventional medical treatment and it wasn't working for them.

Here, I look forward to sharing helpful ideas about alkalinity and building energy for mind, body and spirit coherence and wellness. I will share some of my favorite things, best practices and methods. 

I am a Certified Wellness Counselor from New Eden School of Natural Health and a Certified Personal Trainer as well, via AFAA. To assist folks who are not near me get started with alkaline living, I finally wrote an e-book, Alkaline Lifestyle Starter Guide and I also provide one-on-one video consultations.

Where ever you are on your journey, thank you for having me along!