What Does it Mean to "Be Alkaline"?

pH Scale on Cover of Alkaline Lifestyle Start Guide

Alkalinity is such a powerful and accessible tool available in every person's wellness arsenal that it is devastating most people are completely unaware of it. Many who are aware are also very confused about what it means to "be alkaline". 

Many people associate being alkaline with alkaline water, popularized by a famous multi-level marketing brand that profits off the consumer's lack of knowledge. In their introductory presentation they demonstrate the varying pH levels of waters and beverages and allow you try out their ultra high programmed pH water so you will be sure to feel a marked temporary improvement from their sample water. They will usually let you take a gallon of it home. And sure enough, since it will be the only method you will employ to feel better, you will immediately experience the change in your own pH and believe this to be the only thing that does the job for you: makes you feel better, perform better, even think better.

The rep does not tell you two very critical things for long term optimal health and wellness: 1.) what is most important is YOUR pH level and 2.) you can achieve an ideal pH with a wide variety of foods, beverages and lifestyle shifts virtually overnight. But, if they told you these key facts, you would not spend thousands on their machine- and perhaps even begin to sell it for them!

Other people associate what little they may know about alkalinity with Dr. Sebi's teachings. Dr. Sebi was a man (not a doctor) who indeed healed himself with a strict adherence to alkaline herbs, foods and drinks. He was so excited about the results his clients experienced that he posted signs saying he could cure diseases and soon found himself in court where he indeed PROVED his claims with over 70 witnesses who brought all their doctor diagnosis's with them to court. He won the case, but was told he could not practice in the U.S. (surprise, surprise) so he took his knowledge home to Honduras and opened Usha village where many people go to heal themselves to this day.

Dr. Sebi taught a very empowering message, which he shared on YouTube for years before his controversial untimely passing. However, despite his good teaching, it leads many to the belief you must eat ONLY alkaline foods to be healthy and thrive.

It is important to note: the MLM machine does its PART within a complete holistic regime. And Dr. Sebi's teaching is sound and has helped so many people, even if I depart from his methodology. In both cases we easily allow ourselves to be boxed into corners with overimposed limitations and boundaries if we are not MINDful. (See what I did there?)

These two misleading thought patterns, can be dangerous and can cause people who do not achieve alkaline balance to become turned off, frustrated and confused. These people say "I tried an alkaline diet and it didn't work for me" or "an alkaline diet is not sustainable" or worse "I experienced X health issue due to trying an alkaline diet" - when in fact they never even checked their own pH or achieved true alkaline BALANCE, the ultimate goal of the lifestyle.

In fact, you can achieve alkaline balance in your body with a strategic combination of alkaline and (preferable mildly) acidic foods and beverages. If you would like some guidance and tips to properly embark on an alkaline lifestyle, check out my e-book, Alkaline Lifestyle Starter Guide.